Aluminium Doors and Windows

Windows are a crucial part of any space. While getting a house or an office constructed, you would want to ensure that the windows you install are of superior quality, with a modern design, and are easy to maintain.

Considering the innumerable window providers and options available, selecting the right window might seem like a daunting task. You might feel lost amongst the uPVC and Aluminium window variants.

Don’t know which one is the right fit for you?

Here’s making this easier by listing the key things to know about Aluminium and uPVC windows. This would help understand the differences between the two for an easy selection.

Aluminium windows

  • If you are looking for windows for large-sized designs, such as for commercial spaces or for your home, Aluminium windows are the right choice. These windows are comparatively stronger than uPVC windows, due to which they can hold larger glass areas supported by the strong window frames made of Aluminium. This variant also gives a lean appearance to the windows.
  • For unique designs and colour tones, Aluminium windows are the best choice. They offer beautiful dual-colour profiles in the finishes of the window and are versatile.
  • When speaking about durability, powder-coated Aluminium windows win the race. They are highly long-lasting (up to 20 years), irrespective of the finish type that you choose.
  • Weather conditions can be harsh at times. Aluminium windows can stand strong during extreme weather conditions. These windows are built to pass multiple tests conducted for several exposure categories.
  • Aluminium can be recycled ‘n’ number of times, making it an eco-friendly product. The energy consumed to build a product out of the recycled material is just 5% of the energy that was used to build the product from the original raw material. Also, the recycled product is of high quality.

uPVC windows

  • If you prefer a material that is highly insulating, then a uPVC window fits the bill. These windows are better thermal insulators because of the double or triple-layered glazing on them. uPVC, otherwise, also is warm by nature. Having these windows can help cut down on the room heater bills in the winter season.
  • uPVC windows are easy to install owing to the lightweight nature of the material.

Bottom Line

If you are confused between Aluminium and uPVC window variants, read the above pointers that detail the major details on each of these.

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