The ancient science of Vaastu Shastra has been used since time immemorial in architecture and design. Vastu Shastra is essentially a set of rules corresponding to:

  • Directions (North, South, East, West)
  • Elements of nature

The rules have been made with the primary objective of bringing a positive impact on the life of the home dwellers.  Doors and windows are an integral part of any home as natural elements such as wind, light, thermal, solar, lunar, magnetic, and cosmic energy flow through the doors and windows, which has a significant impact on the energy of a place.

They also provide protection, insulation, and ventilation besides providing beautiful views. The way we live and work in our home, our thoughts, emotions, relationships are impacted in a big way with the energy flow in the house. Hence, following Vastu tips when it comes to where the doors and windows should be located is important as it:

  • Helps create an environment so that home dwellers feel at peace, both with their internal as well external environment. 
  • Maintains a balance between Form (the physical objects within our homes) and Energy.

Let us look at Vaastu Shastra tips concerning the direction and placement of doors and windows to ensure positive and seamless transitions and energy flow in your home. So dive in!

  1. The best way to keep the energy flowing in your home is by making sure there are no obstructions in the way of the main door. A clear and open path to your front door is critical for good health.
  1. When finalizing the color for your main door, it is important to check the direction it is falling into. For example, Doors in the North or Northeast direction can be lighter in color. 
  1. As per Vastu, one must avoid windows in the South-West direction as it is a source of the most penetrative ultra-violet rays. 
  1. All the doors and windows in a house must be of a similar shape and size. They shouldn’t have any fancy shapes or irregular sizes. 
  1. Two houses or apartments that face each other and have the main entrance door facing each other, should not do so as this can be seen as an ominous sign.
  1. Have even numbers of doors and windows preferably. In the olden days, windows were placed in the opposite direction to each other to maintain ventilation and even energy flow. 
  1. Metal doors and windows are preferred material for south/southeast/southwest/west direction, to keep this side heavier from their opposite sides. 
  1. These should be in pristine condition. Any cracks or damage must be fixed on priority. A damaged or broken door is unlucky according to Vastu principles.
  2. Avoid using black color for the main door
  3. Avoid placing an open shoe rack just outside or inside the main door. If the home layout only allows placing the shoe rack near the main door ensure it is a closed shoe rack only.

It is important to consider the points listed here before renovating or constructing your next house. These will play a crucial role in determining how well the energy flows, so read and shop carefully!