ZEN door series creates new horizons for modern residential and industrial design by adopting hi-tech, classic materials (e.g. wood) and a variety of designs, offering exceptional solutions. Limitless architecture with temporal feelings, natural veneers with special processing for external environments, LED illumination on external recessed handle, 2 different ways of e-access are only some of the endless choices to create a tailor-made ZEN door.

ZEN Base

The coplanar surfaces between wall – frame and sash offer pure clean lines, which provide elegance and functionality.

ZEN Engrave

Maximum versatility and customization, allows for communicating your message.

ZEN Carbon

Carbon fiber is utilized for the first time in architectural applications and that consists a global novelty.

ZEN Glass

Simplicity is bliss, and ZEN Pivot Glass is designed to make this motto a reality.

ZEN Wood

Limitless architecture with temporal feelings.