Modern and Robust design – frames for Fixed Partition & Doors (Glass, Timber & Stiled). The 100 mm Profile system is the perfect solution for Wall Connecting Partitions and Door systems for internal applications. All Alexa frames are produced to your given measurements and therefore customizable. With this, it is possible to plan any kind of design intend for Fixed Partition, Door frame & Door types. Door frames are prepared for on-site assembly. The ready to fit profiles and frames has the function of Wall Connecting Partitions and Regular door. You have the choice from a comprehensive range of Door Closers, Hinges, Locks, Lever Handles and other Door Accessories for Glass and Timber Doors from the Innovative Windows Product Portfolio, ensuring a seamless integration to the Profiling Systems and thus providing a holistic turnkey solution for Internal Partitions.

System Features

ALEXA “System 100” SG

Glazing Type


Profile Design & Size

100 mm Symmetric

Max. System Height

4000 mm

Fixed Partition (Infill)

Glass & Other Solid Infills (upto 13.52 mm)

Fixed Panel Adjustability

± 15 mm

Door Integration

Swing / Sliding

Door Infill

Glass & Timber

Glass Door Thickness (Frameless)

Up to 13.52 mm

Timber Door Thickness

Up to 50 mm

Stiled Door


Sliding Door

Surface / Glass mounted

Door Closer

Surface Mounted & Concealed


MAGNEO (Automatic Sliding Door) / PORTEO (Automatic Swing Door) / Access Control through Electro Magnetic Lock & Electric Strike with Push Button or Card Reader

Venetian Blinds (Optional)

Manual / Automatic with Surface Mounting

Electric / Cable Management (Optional)


Sound Reduction

Upto 36.7 dB

Internal Wind Load to Consider (relative to Max system height)

200 N/M2

Max Glass Deflection to Consider (relative to Max system height)