Aluminium Wood Windows and Doors

A hybrid masterclass in combining the strength of Aluminium and the warmth of wood, Innovative Windows’s Alu-wood windows and doors are a perfect blend of class and candor with lifetime quality. Alu-wood brings in a function furnishing that utilizes new building techniques to offer energy-saving and quality living.

  • Improved Functional Performance – Leading European certifications that applaud the enhanced functional performance coupled with enticing and unique looks.
  • Low Maintenance – The incomparable mix of wood and Aluminium means no maintenance needed for a long period of time.

Superior quality and superior performance – Innovative Windows’s Aluminum windows come loaded with intrinsic designs that cover all the bases – Three gasket levels for inward & outward opening windows and doors, intelligent application of gaskets for meeting high air and water tightness suitable for any climatic regions.

  • Premium Lift-Slide System – Increased comfort, seamless slides, and designed to create maximal opening elements.
  • Extreme Performance – Glazed doors with capabilities of extreme dimensions. Big glass panes allow for unimaginative appeal with room for maximum transparency and daylight